The difference is in the details… or lack of them!

It always amazes me how much information is put out there in the public domain incorrectly. In modern times there is no doubt that we have become information rich but this should be tempered with a large slice of ‘I’ll double check to see if that is correct’. We have so many media channels in which to garner information from but its accuracy comes from just the one place and is usually open to a degree of human error.

If you look at and other property websites, you’ll see many a mistake I’m sure – even this week I’ve seen the ‘River Taymar’ used by a local agent! The thing that most ‘erks’ me however is the fact that, when selling a property, information displayed and the way the property is described can be critical in whether or not the property gains the correct level of interest.

Why an agent would not want to describe a property in its fullest glory (or in fullest honesty about its state of order) goes against the very nature of the job surely? After all, we can of course give guidance on how to present the home to the open market but we are effectively Marketeers. Our job as estate agents is to market the property to the general public in the best manner possible in order to gain the correct response. With many agents seemingly trying to make extra revenue from charging extra ‘up front’ fees for more than 5 photos or the inclusion of a floorplan, it seems ludicrous that many agents are merely cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Whether or not the price is accurate is of course another topic I have touched on already in the past, but if you are looking to put your house on the market and choosing an agent then simply asking how the agent would describe and market the property should not be overlooked.

Just yesterday our North Plymouth Branch Manager was going through example particulars from other agents. It’s an area that many are cutting back on, with some agencies seemingly moving towards no printed brochures at all! Whilst I see the cost savings as a business, for a seller this will alienate some buyers. Despite what those agents will tell you, there are some who want a quality printed brochure to browse, some that have an email address but not a quality printer to print out on and some who we register that do not want anything sent through via email.

For many agents the description is secondary but for me its paramount. Its part of the marketing package for your home. Even giving a prospective buyer particulars on a viewing could make the difference between them being reminded of all the good things about your home or simply not remembering and scrapping it from their ‘maybe’ list at the end of a long day viewing.

The particulars are a summary of all the good bits about the property, a reminder if you like, and its accuracy is covered in law by the Property Mis-descriptions Act which means you can’t of course misleadingly describe a property – likewise you can’t omit anything either.

So next time you are thinking about selling your home make sure you find out exactly how your home will be marketed. The difference in getting your home sold or not could all be about the details… or lack of them!