Say ‘I love you’ in 2017.

Many times in the plymouthpropertynews I have commented on the varying stresses of selling homes in the City and how many homeowners fail from the outset by choosing ‘the wrong partner’ to start the house selling relationship with. It got me thinking about what makes a great relationship? Is it one that gives back what it takes? One that makes the other always feel wanted? Or one that simply works its hardest to make sure both sides don’t fall out of love with each other?

In estate agency terms, relationships have never been as important. A bad experience is so easily spread on social media channels and the wider internet that looking after the client (partner if you like) and not pretending to be something you are not, has never been such a priority.

Choosing the right partner from the outset is a totally different animal. For those thinking with both the heart and head it can be a joyous thing.

Meeting someone who has a plan, is confident, attractive (in a marketing sense of course) and who has proven success in what they do, means you’d be a lot more likely to achieve your ambitions – of a house sale in this instance, but you know what I mean!

January is typically a reflective time of year when we look back on the previous year’s achievements or learnings. This is perhaps more relevant for those people already on the market who remain unsold and perhaps unloved.

Often when a relationship has broken down there are few words exchanged and little can be said to heal the differences between a seller and agent when this has happened. If all else fails you can of course call the relationship off. If you as a seller have done all you can to help, keep to your part of the bargain if you like, but things still fail to improve (or move) – you have the chance to make choosing a new partner a reality and not just words of a proposed 2017 resolution.

Much is said about the power of words – this is especially the case when choosing a new estate agent. Words like ‘Trust’, ‘Guarantee’ and ‘Licensed’ go a long way to calm a few early jitters. Words like ‘Feedback’, ‘Plan’ and ‘Commitment’ can serve to re-assure along the house selling process.

Speaking on a personal note, our company does not sell every property we place onto the market, this is for a variety of reasons and those agents who say they do are perhaps ones you should steer clear of. Many properties do choose to change agents however and to prove it is successful, Mansbridge Balment’s two Plymouth Offices Sold over £10 million worth of Plymouth Property in 2016 that failed to sell with their original agent – so there is another way!

In 2017 a new start could be as simple as three little words if you are already trying to sell your home – ‘I’m leaving you’. Although initially daunting, it can feel liberating and eventually lead to three words everyone in a relationship wants to hear… ‘I love you’.

Often said to us agents when we inform vendors ‘You are Sold’, ‘I love you’ is something that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Check your agency agreement for your own liabilities but if you are unhappy, make the right choice for you and your property in 2017.


Author: Chris Mervyn MNAEA

Chris is a Marketing Professional with over 13 years of industry experience. Having Sold property across SE Cornwall, North and Central areas of Plymouth, he is a fully licensed member of the National Association of Estate Agents. Chris is married with 2 young sons and outside of work coaches rugby at junior level across the region as well as running with local club Tamar Trotters in Saltash, Cornwall.

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